Theodore Karantsalis, of Miami Springs, Florida, is seeking $70.50 from Facebook in the lawsuit, which was filed a week ago in Miami-Dade county court.

Facebook breached a "legal duty to exercise at least reasonable care with regard to the safety of its network" on May 14 when it failed to properly contain a virus that spread across the social network, the lawsuit alleges.

Karantsalis' lawsuit claims his account was deleted and not restored, however his profile appeared in a search on the site on Tuesday morning. He did not immediately return an e-mail and a Facebook message on Tuesday and his number is unlisted.

"We're very interested to hear how he came up with the figure of $70.50," Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt wrote in an e-mail to CNET News. " He's not going to get it but we promise to refund all the money he paid to use Facebook. Seriously, we're glad to know how important Facebook is to Mr. Karantsalis but his account was not disabled, is currently active, and he is using it, so I'm not sure what the problem is." Karantsalis told CNET News in an e-mail over the weekend that he needed to re-add several hundred friends after the virus incident and explain to them what happened. "I'm a librarian and privacy advocate and take extra precautions with regard to safety," he wrote. " I've used PGP since 1995, an anonymous proxy, etc. If something like this can happen to me, then it's a big deal. FB is under reporting the amount of people affected." Details of the alleged virus incident were unclear. Facebook, founded in 2004, has had its share of viruses and other scams. On Thursday, for instance, the site was hit by a combined phishing/drive-by-download attack which stole log-in information and downloaded the Koobface worm and other malware onto computers.

From: CNET
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